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New Faucet + FaucetBox Rotator | 50k Satoshi/run | Only alive n' best faucets
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Hello, I want to introduce for you a new bitcoin faucet rotator that can be really interesting for members that are willing to earn some coins with faucets. [link]1 Bitcoinizator have no ads that will just make you unhappy. You can make a lot with this faucet list.
''' Bitcoin faucet list (Faucetbox-High reward-No ADS)
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Micro Earnings • Top bitcoin faucet list ~ instant paid to faucetbox

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Hello guys, come hereby inform you that I launched some new themes on my website for free faucet, plus some tips and list of faucets bitcoin.
Access: [link]1
I ask the blog owners / site and social networks can be spread my project because it is free and all help is welcome, thanks!
Fallow Us on Twitter: @Faucet_Custom
Themes and Templates for free @faucetbox!
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Faucetbox list of faucets by Rawb - Earn 30000+ satoshi in 40 minutes /r/Bitcoin

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Bitcoin: Faucets

The Challenge: Turn on the Tap.
Faucet (or Tap) refers to a steady drip of small amounts of currency, for little effort. Some defining features: How often they pay. How much they pay. Prizes and Lotteries. Manual/Automatic withdrawal. Entertainment and Effort.
Please only list the Faucets that are worth playing.
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The 3 Things to do after getting a Dogecoin wallet.

Since this is going to be a semi-long post, here is a index:
1.: 1.1.:
If i have to explain this, i have lost faith in humanity. Anyway, after signing up, 1.2.:
Look around for giveaways, like a one i did where i photoshoped something. Maybe Post things that are useful (like this).
Don't use it unless you have a lot of time. It takes +/- 48 hours. Anyway the good things are that there is a lot to be made with time.
These are the good ones. I use both of them. Here are the links.:
3.: is the one you should use. On i sent Bitcoins and they never came. Anyways there are a lot of tutorials on how to use it.(if you dont figure it out yourself)
EDIT:Some Shibes said that shapeshift is not an exchange. By "exchange" i mean a Website where you swap cryptos.For example: DOGE to LTC or BTC to DOGE. If you want a trading Website, i recommend Polonex. Still like bter i sent Doge and didn't show up.
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Can anyone help me?

I want to use to accumulate the satoshi earned here at CoinBrawl. But I don't understand how to use it. There Is the possibility to create the FaucetBOX wallet bitcoin address where to send the satoshi earned here (it is easy to find where it is the place to create that) but I don't find the place where to put my main coinbase wallet bitcoin address where needed to send all my satoshi earned and accumulated. Then in the FAQ of is written about the need of signing message. I want and I know how to create this but there is no place where to sent it.
Can someone please help me to understand those things. I want to earn finally some satoshi.
Who will have the possibility and the desire to help please be detailed. I am not very smart with the things which I don't understand.
Thanks a lot.
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High paying faucet (xapo and faucetbox)

xapo faucets
1) 500-1000 satoshis an hour
2) 100-unlimited every 5min
3)[email protected] 200-1000 an hour
4)[email protected] 100-1000 an hour
5)[email protected] 100-1000 an hour
6)[email protected] 200-8000 an hour[b][/b]
much more too come.....
faucetbox faucets
1) 100-3000 every 15min
2) 200-100000 every 1 hour
3) 500 every 180min
4) 500 every 180min
5 500 every 180min
6 500 every 180min much more too come.....
I will add new faucets everyday and do warn me asap if any of these stop paying or if the amount of satoshis per claim as change.
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Anyone care to try an experiment?

According to the following post on the /btc subreddit, faucets support btc's price. Here is a quote:
they convert fiat into bitcoin. That is, they earn fiat from advertising (usually Google Adsense) and spend a portion of this money on actually buying bitcoin and dispensing it from their faucet.
In theory that means that doge faucets should support the doge price, if enough people are collecting them.
So I wondered if we could do an experiment. Can people hit the faucets, post on this thread if you have done so, and then we'll check back on Friday to see if this has moved the price.
The best list of doge faucets are as follows (no referral links):
Lets see if both the price and the number of transactions increase (as at the time of writing the number of doge transactions in the last 24 hours was 14704:
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Bitcoin with cash for 15-year old

I am a 15 lives in the Philippines. I recently heard about Bitcoins and got very interested in it. I downloaded a bitcoin application and I am trying to get some bitcoins to try out. I tried the faucets but the rewards don’t seem to be sent to my wallet and are still stuck in some websites (faucetbox??).
As I do not have credit card or paypal, it seems very hard for me to get any bitcoins. I thought about mining but I do not have the machine and the whole thing seems very complicated. This is why I am looking for advice or alternatives. Could anyone advice me how I may get some bitcoins with some cash that I have (about USD 30). Thank you!
ps: Thanks for all the reply. I will try out some of the options provided. Thank you.
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Finally introducing me, the most confident shibe on the moon

My name is ripideas, because all of my names were taken. I got hooked into this bitcoin mining 3 years ago I didn't really take it as a hobby I just thought it was a good idea and gave up on it because it was somewhat boring to see zeros on my bitcoin wallet. About a couple of weeks ago I made a account and made a reddit a bit after to pursue my dreams of being dogemillionaire. My parents deal with low income and so I'm risking myself with RSI by clicking captchas over and over farming every faucet on faucetbox. I'm sitting at 2k+ doge right now from a few days ago and my LTC exchanges. I will try to prove my parents I can do pretty well on cryptocurrency to show them it isn't fake, it's going well but once I get the money to buy a miner and actually start my dream then I've done my work to prove my parents wrong and hit my mark of over 60 thousand doge. And for reddit? I seem to have an addition to watch some reddit sleep and post during the day.
tl:dr dogecoin will be a hobby to get 1,000,000 doge soon and see how I feel of seeing a bunch of digits that I can be proud of and attempt to be a side project of my job and education
That is it. I hope you like it oh yeah the formatting and spelling might suck
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A doubt from a newbie

I've been wanting to get into bitcoins for a while, but never actually got around to it. Now I've been reading a lot about the security involved in bitcoins and as a programmer I find it all very exciting.
However I was thinking, as a thought experiment, let's suppose that a city gets disconnected from the internet, that can still generate purchases and the block chain will be updated for them, whenever they are reintegrated to the internet the other block chain should take effect, but what happens to the transactions in that discarded block chain? Are they Incorporated into the next block or are they simply lost?
Also any recommendation on where to get and spend my first bits in Brazil? I've been trying some faucets to get a few bits in order to get started, but so far I'm still waiting for a payout from faucetbox.
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[Task] Get 200 Doge to try out a site

Closed Thanks to Shootershibe for point out this is a known scam and after some searching I would agree that is is a ponzi scheme. Still some money to be made but at a high risk so be careful out there.
The site is CoinDouble, while I have been visiting many faucets, I keep seeing ads for so I thought I would try it out. CoinsDouble is an online investment platform in which you send them your coins and in 100 hrs they return you twice as many coins as they give you.
I have tried the site out twice and it works exactly as detailed. I have tested the site with 199 Doge and 7397 Doge and after 100 hours I received 398 and 14794 Doge respectively. So here is your chance to try out the site with some free doge.
I will tip anybody 200 Doge who would like to try this site out using my referral link ->
Just leave a post expressing interest and I'll drop a tip.
They currently accept investments of 4 different coins.
Coin Minimum Investment
Bitcoin 0.001 BTC
Dogecoin 100 Doge
Litecoin ???
Paycoin ???
(I don't know the minimums for Litecoin and Paycoin because I do not have a wallet address for those coins so I can't check the investment minimum)
I have enough Doge in my tip bot to set up 10 people with their first investment. After that Ill have to reload my Dogetip account so others might get their tips slower.
Looking for more coins to increase the size of your investment with Coindouble?
Below are some of my favorite faucets
(All links are referral links if you don't want to use them search the faucet on google)
Doge Faucets
Minimum payout is usually ~12 Doge, Pays out hourly
Withdrawal minimum 6 Doge
Minimum payout is usually ~1.44 Doge per 5 minutes (continues to accumulate beyond 1.44 doge if not withdrawn but rate begins to slow as amount increases)
Withdrawal: Pays out Saturday/Sunday if account has accumulated over 100 Doge
Minimum payout 7 Doge per 30 minutes
Withdrawal Minimum 25 Dogecoin
Bitcoin Faucets
Gold Days
All Payout to ePay, ePay pays out once per week if minimum is reached
Similar to MoonDoge (see above)
USA Faucet
Faucet of America
The Bitcoin Sheep
All Payout ~1000 Satoshi for people viewing the faucet from America
Pays out to FaucetBox
Weekend Bitcoin
Minimum payout 1000 Satoshi with the potential for 10,000 Satoshi on the weekends, Pays out hourly
Withdrawal minimum 10,000 Satoshi, Pays out every Monday
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FaucetBOX Dogecoin en 30 minutos Faucet in a Box Bitcoin every 10 minutes Best Bitcoin Faucets 10 Min.  5 Min.  25 Sec. Bitcoin faucet bot Faucet in a Box Bitcoin every 60 minutes

Bitcoin Faucet Earn Bitcoins without solving captchas! Claim 400 satoshi every 5 minutes! Cashout to FaucetBox Earn massive satoshi in this awesome faucet list! Bitcoin faucets vary in the amount they pay out, but most payments are in the range of hundreds to thousands of satoshis. At the time of writing, 100 satoshis (that’s 0.00000100 BTC) is worth $0.0036. Not much on its own, but if you return to the faucet enough, you will eventually have some cryptocurrency to play with. But accumulating the coins isn’t always enough. In many cases, the ... - Added Bitcoin Cash faucets section. - Added a filter for the FaucetHub system in the Ethereum faucets section. 30-07-2017, 10:55 Situation with Bitcoin. 07/31/2017 many exchangers and stock exchanges close the Bitcoin exchange, until 08/02/2017 due to a major update of the Bitcoin network. We do not recommend from today to 08/02/2017 to make any Bitcoin payments, the network in these days ... Please enter your Bitcoin address or email to start collecting satoshi. Bitcoin list of the best faucets. Available to visit: 0, satoshi ~ 0 Bitcoin Faucets Collection of the best active faucets for getting Free Bitcoin. Reviews, ratings, comments.

[index] [24005] [6560] [23967] [49013] [5035] [42044] [18315] [15368] [1174] [33865]

FaucetBOX Dogecoin en 30 minutos

Bitcoin Wiki Vota por mi faucet en FaucetBOX - Duration: 8:11. Satoshi Empire 626 views. 8:11. Aprende a Minar desde EOBOT con Tu CPU y Aprende sus Caracteristicas - Duration: 8:18. ... Link to register 100freebit other cranes BTC,LTC, DOGE -----... is a great way to monitor your bitcoin earnings in all the bitcoin faucets you visit everyday especially if you are using bitcoin faucet rotator. Try it with our faucet rotator at ... Best Bitcoin Faucets 10 Min. 5 Min. 25 Sec."FaucetBox" GETBitcoins. Loading... Unsubscribe from GETBitcoins? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 151. Loading ... Bitcoin faucet bot Bit Ltc. Loading... Unsubscribe from Bit Ltc? ... Current version holds aprox 25 faucets All but 2 payments to FaucetBox the remaining 2 are microwallet The version currently in ...